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Q: Does certain soil types affect lawn irrigation systems?


A:   Yes. For example, if you have sandy soil, you will need to water more often. However, if you water too much at once, you'll waste water. Because of the porous nature of the soil, water will run right past the root system before it can be taken in by your lawn. In contrast, a soil rich in clay should be watered less frequently since it has a high water retention rate. If you water too much, you can drown your grass roots. For these and many more reasons, we take special time to examine your lawn's slope, soil type, and many more factors before coming up with the right design for your irrigation system. We'll set up the perfect system for your location and help you program the proper water treatment. We take all pertinent factors into account when designing a new system.


Q:   What is the difference between a spray head and a rotary?


A:   A spray sprinkler head has a high application rate, which means it discharges a large amount of water in a short period of time. They are most often used on flat lawns where water applications will not run, but rather soak in. The benefit of these heads is that you will require shorter periods of time to water.   A rotary sprinkler head has a lower application rate, which means that even on sloped ground, you will not waste water by it running down the hill. However, rotary sprinkler heads mean a single application will take longer.


Q:  I have a well. Can I still get an irrigation system?


A:  Absolutely. In fact, we recommend it to help further control your water usage.


Q:  I have a nice lawn. Will putting in an irrigation system do a lot of damage?


A:  The investment is less damage to your lawn than the local cable company does when laying cable for your home. With a good contractor, your lawn and topsoil should return unscathed by the process. Within a couple of weeks, your lawn will look better than ever.


Q:  How much does an irrigation system cost?


A:   The cost of an irrigation system varies greatly depending on the size of your lawn, the amount of landscaping you have, the size of your home, grade, and other issues.